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News: The Chicago Connectory hosts AnitaB.org Chicago for their DiversiTech Hiring Fair!


The Chicago Connectory hosts AnitaB.org Chicago for their DiversiTech Hiring Fair!

On October 24, the Chicago Connectory hosted AnitaB.org Chicago for their annual DiversiTech Hiring Fair. This all-day event brought together women and allies who are searching for jobs at all levels in the technology field.

Industry-leading sponsors:

·       Discover

·       CDW

·       Northwestern Medicine

·       GEHealthcare

·       OneMainFinancial

·       ICE NYSE

·       Active Campaign

·       CUNA MUTUAL Group

·       Chicago Trading Company

·       4CInsights

·       Flatiron School Chicago

·       Grainger

·       Project44

·       TIAA

·       Relativity


This event allowed attendees to network with leading companies from industry, academia and research in order to build professional relationships, learn and advance in their careers.

Thank you AnitaB.org Chicago for organizing a day of new opportunities!

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