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News: Digital eXperience Day 2019 at the Chicago Connectory!


Digital eXperience Day 2019 at the Chicago Connectory!

On September 18, 2019, the Chicago Connectory hosted Bosch’s Digital eXperience Day in the space. This was the first virtual conference at Bosch that connected Connectory locations from around the globe to experience and discuss the topic of digitization.

Participating Connectory locations:

Other participating locations:

      • Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence (BCAI) Office in Tel Aviv


The event kicked off at the Shanghai Connectory and traveled around the globe to the Chicago Connectory, the last stop. Sr. Digital Innovation Manager at the Chicago Connectory, Fermin Fernandez, introduced the space and the three keynote speakers.

      • Aaron Filous, CEO of Promotable– Data Analytics for Business Users
      • Andreas Roth, Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Manager at Bosch North America –Business Analytics and Data Democratization
      • Shaliesh Topiwala, Corporate Business Development Executive at Bosch North America– Cross Selling Talk


After the keynote speakers, the attendees broke out to join the “Become a Data Monster” masterclass, led by Sara Sattler, IT Project Manager at Bosch. This masterclass taught how to make better decisions by leveraging data and analytics. This four-hour class was hands on and allowed participants to bring their own experiences to the table in order to consider how they can apply the data driven framework to their own teams.

Digital eXperience Day gathered 1,500 digital participants from all around the world for 15 hours of masterclasses, keynotes, ted talks, and important conversations.

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