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News: Innovation at the Connectory: Startups, Corporations, and Open Innovation!


Innovation at the Connectory: Startups, Corporations, and Open Innovation!

On September 30, the Chicago Connectory hosted Sente Foundry and the Italian Trade Agency for their Open Innovation Night with startups and corporations.

COO of Sente Foundry, Gerod Carfantan, opened up the event by bringing up the startups from Italy that were a part of the 90-day program here at the Chicago Connectory. He then introduced Nahel Gandhi, CEO of Ideology, to introduce the panelists and moderate the panel discussion. After the panel discussion, the event continued with open questions about innovation in startups and corporations.

The panelists included:


Thank you Sente Foundry and the Italian Trade Agency for a night filled with great discussions!

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