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News: The Chicago Connectory Hosts a SIM Chicago Event – Meet the CIO of the Year


The Chicago Connectory Hosts a SIM Chicago Event – Meet the CIO of the Year

CIO of the Year in Chicagoland, an award provided by SIM Chicago, has been around since 1995. This year on September 12 at the Chicago Connectory, SIM Chicago honored Danielle DuMerer as CIO of the Year.

With more than 15 years’ experience in managing teams and developing tech products, Danielle has worked in both private and public sectors. Danielle is currently the VP of Technology at the Shedd Aquarium and has been in this position since August 2019.

At the event, Danielle showcased her most important projects as the Chief Information Officer & Commissioner of the Department of Innovation and Technology. These projects were related to how residents of Chicago area could improve their relationship with the government, creating a more democratic, digital and accessible city overall. From telecommunications, data management and cybersecurity, Danielle coordinated teams and projects to make Chicago a smart city. Two of the major projects she focused on were the Chicago Smart Lighting program and the Array of Things program.

Congratulations Danielle! We look forward to seeing what other great accomplishments you achieve in the future.

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